Overview of Program 

The OPBA Principles certificate is a highly regarded, industry-standard program that provides a solid foundation of entry-level training for public sector procurement. In the Program, learners participate in interactive courses, complete one of three electives, and prove their understanding by passing a final written exam.

The knowledge and skills gained during the Principles Program are necessary for anyone who spends public funds or is involved in tendering or contracting for goods and services or in issuing Requests for Proposals, Tenders, Quotations, or other bid documents.

Who should take the Program?

The Certificate Program is intended for individuals new to public procurement or in an entry level position in a public agency purchasing/procurement department. Some agency departments include public works, parks and recreation, finance, maintenance and property management, schools, and health care agencies. The course may also offer insight and understanding to those who are working with public procurements professionals. 

What are the benefits of taking the Certificate program? 

By completing the Program and earning your Principles Certificate, you demonstrate to employers that you are invested in your career, committed to ongoing professional development, and constantly improving your understanding of the complex public procurement environment. Many job postings for junior positions indicate that enrolment or completion of the OPBA's Principles of Effective Public Purchasing Certificate Program is either required or an asset.  Enrolling in the Program is a great way to make your resumé stand out from the rest.   


You do not need to be a member of OPBA to enrol in the program or write the exam, although it is certainly more cost-effective to do so. There are also many benefits to membership including the ability to take advantage of all the free or member-discounted resources OPBA has to offer as well as networking with like-minded colleagues.

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