Dick Brimmell Award

Established in 1996, the Dick Brimmell Award is named in honour of the association's first newsletter editor. The winners of the two annual awards, "Best Article" and "Article Most Worthy of Honorable Mention", are selected by a committee which includes the Chairs of the Awards and Recognition Working Group, Board of Directors, and Caveat Emptor Editorial Committee. 


  • Open to members of OPBA and members of other public procurement associations in Canada.


Articles which are published in the Caveat Emptor newsletter from July 1st to July 1st. 

Articles are judged on content only and should have:

  • The widest appeal and application in terms of both the types of public agencies and the levels of public procurement that would find it useful.
  • The most immediate appeal and application, in terms of how current it is and how quickly the members may use the information.
  • The most potential for time and/or dollar savings for the members who use it.


The winners are recognized at the Awards Dinner held at the annual conference. Recipients receive a crystal glass award and a monetary award:

  • "Best Article" - $500
  • "Honorable Mention" - $250 

John Bott Memorial Award

This award was established in September 2010 in memory of John Bott, a leader in public procurement throughout his career. John was also instrumental in growing OPBA into the dynamic association it is today.

The John Bott Memorial is awarded annually to post-secondary students who are in a procurement-related program and who demonstrate academic excellence and community involvement.


  • Open to students who demonstrate academic excellence and community involvement and are enrolled in a procurement-related program at the following colleges: Conestoga, Durham, Fanshawe and Loyalist.


  • Winners of the John Bott Memorial Award are selected by their respective colleges.


  • Winners are recognized at the awards events hosted by the college. Where possible, a board director or member of OPBA will present the award to the student. 


2023 John Bott Memorial Award Winner at Conestoga College:
Rebeca Mores with OPBA's Scott Agnello

Best Article 2023

Lori Friesen for her article titled, Insurance – Right Coverage for the Associated Risk

September 2022

Article Most Worthy of Honorable Mention - 2023

Tanya Gaudet for her article, Open for Acceptance – are you shortening the length of time you have to accept/win bids?

December 2022


Adam Beres, with special guest Chief Adam Eckhardt of Welland Emergency Services, for their article, Welland Fire & Emergency Service – Efficient Thinking Creates Efficient Outcomes

May 2023