Our Vision:

The recognized thought leader in public procurement

Our Mission:

Advancing public procurement through advocacy, connection, and professional growth

Code of Ethics:

The Ontario Public Buyers Association's Code of Ethics represents the beliefs and values of the profession. It is designed to promote the highest ethical standards and guide the actions of public procurement professionals. OPBA members are encouraged to display the Code of Ethics prominently in their workplace.

Open and honest interactions with everyone involved in the procurement process.

This includes all vendors, bidders, staff, and members of the public.

Fair and impartial award recommendations.

No preferential treatment will be extended to any vendor in a formal bid competition. Not only is it against the law, but it would also limit fair and open competition for all vendors and is therefore detrimental to obtaining the best possible value for each tax dollar.

An Irreproachable standard of personal integrity.

No gifts or favours will be accepted in return for business or the consideration of business, nor will any vendor be publicly endorsed to give an advantage over others.

Cooperation with other public agencies to obtain the best value.

Agencies will endeavour to utilize cooperative procurement whenever possible. Cooperative procurement allows several public agencies to pool their expertise and resources to procure goods and services in volume, with the goal of saving dollars and resources.

Continuous development of procurement skills and knowledge.

Procurement professionals will take advantage of the many opportunities provided by the Ontario Public Buyers Association to further their knowledge of good public procurement principles and to maintain excellent skills

Download the Code of Ethics here